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Eating out in Ireland
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Ireland Drinks

This traditional barley malt beer has a distinctive sweet and fruity taste and smooth butter-like consistency. Most of ales also contain some herbs or spices, to which they owe the perfect balance of bitter flavour and original sweetness. There are... more
Apple cider
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Apple cider , by Pez
This popular beverage is traditionally made from a fermented apple or pear juice. Cider appears in many different tastes, from sweet to dry. Its colour can vary from very dark and sludgy to clean and golden yellow, depending on how much of the apple... more
Baileys Irish Cream is an indispensable ingredient of Irish Coffee. Just add a shot of Baileys to a cup of coffee and top it with whipped cream. This delicious creamy liqueur, based on Irish whiskey was created in Dublin in 1974 and soon gained... more
Ireland is undoubtedly a beer-drinking nation indulging themselves in numerous varieties of this local speciality. Among the most popular Irish beers you will find Guinness, Murphy's Stout, Kilkenny and Smithwick's.

Brewing art in Ireland... more
Car bomb
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Car bomb, by obeck
Also known as Belfast car bomb, Irish car bomb, IRA car bomb or Peacemaker, this popular boilermaker (a drink consisting of a shot and a beer) is made of stout, originally it had to be Guinness, with Baileys Irish Cream and Whiskey. The name refers... more
This delicious liqueur based on rum, brandy or whisky is a mixture of milk, cream, sugar and beaten eggs. It has a distinctive smooth flavour and butter-like consistency. It is often flavoured with various spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. Eggnog... more
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Grog, by (ku)nihito
Grog is rum-based drink introduced in Great Britain by Admiral Edward Vernon in 1740. After the British conquest of Jamaica, rum became very popular among the British, mostly among the sailors. When they started to drink too much, Admiral Vernon... more
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Guinness, by Paul Watson
Guinness is a synonym of Irish beer and one of the most widely used and recognized symbols of the green island. It is named after the founder of its first, St. James's Gate Brewery, Arthur Guinness who started his business in the beginning of the... more
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