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Eating out in Netherlands
Eating Out
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Dutch Drinks

Any beer fan's first association with the Netherlands is the Heineken brand. Apart from various kinds of Dutch beers, the Netherlands also boasts some tasty liquers. Advocaat, for example, is a thick and creamy liquer made from egg yolks, Brandy or Cognac, sugar and some vanilla extract. Traditional Advocaat should be thick enough to eat with a spoon. Another Dutch national drink is Jenever, a strong juniper-flavoured liquer. Initially, it wasn't too tasty because of the poor technology used in the process of its production, and was mainly served as a medicine for various sorts of ailments. Today, however, it's a popular and tasty drink.

Advocaat is a delicious liqueur made from egg yolks and a strong alcohol like Brandy or Cognac with some sugar and vanilla extract. It is thick and smooth and literally melts in your mouth. Traditional Dutch Advocaat is sold from special stands and... more
It's hard to believe that this worldwide popular brewery once used to be a tiny beer brewing establishment called Haystack. In 1863, Gerard Adriaan Heineken decided to buy it, even though making beer didn't seem too profitable at that time. He moved... more
Jenever, the Dutch national drink, is a very strong, juniper-flavoured liquor. It was invented by Silvius de Bouve, an alchemist, and until 17th century it was treated above all as a medicine. At first it had a rather unpleasant taste because of... more