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Eating out in Norway
Eating Out
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Popular Norwegian Drinks

Also known as akvavit, this is a typical Scandinavian spirit distilled from potato or grain. Its name derives from from the Latin term aqua vitae, meaning 'water of life'. It's similar to vodka but often flavoured with various herbs and... more
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Brennevin, by Hafsteinn Filippusson
Brennevin can be translated to 'burning wine' and it indeed is a very strong alcohol. It's popular throughout Scandinavia where it's produced from potato or grains. It comes in various flavours depending on additional ingredients. Brennevin first... more
Cider is one of the most popular drinks with a low alcohol content. It can be served in the summer, chilled, or in the winter, prepared similarly to mulled wine, heated, with fruit and spices. Cider has a subtle taste as it's made from fermented... more
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Glogg, by Irene (Semmi)
This delicious hot drink is extremely popular across the whole Scandinavian Peninsula in the frosty winter. This warming mixture of wine, juice, spices and fruit is t is a traditional beverage served on Christmas Eve. It is also often consumed at... more
Mead is undoubtedly one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. In Scandinavia it is an inseparable part of many ritual celebrations, originating from the ancient Viking times. It is based on honey but it has distinctive sour aftertaste of the lemon... more
This tradititional Scandinavian drink was brought to Scandinavia in the 18th Century by the Dutch merchants from the Indonesian island of Java. It is originally based on arrack, a strong distilled spirit made from fermented fruit, sugar cane, rice... more