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Eating out in Romania
Eating Out
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Romania Drinks

This strong liquor is widely popular throughout the Balkan Peninsula. Similar to brandy, it is originally made from fermented fruit such as grapes, quinces, peaches, apricots, apples and figs. However, the most famous kind, slivovitz, is produced... more
Brewing in Romania has a very long tradition. It was influenced by the German colonists who settled in Transylvania and the neighbouring Polish and Moldovans. The beer pubs, called berării, for a long time, have been the main meeting place. ... more
Romanian wine
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Romanian wine, by Jody Eddy
With over 545,700 tonnes of wine Romania is among the world's largest producers and one of the most important wine growing regions. Due to the low prices and the top quality, Romanian wine is highly appreciated all over the world. It was first... more
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Slivovitz , by Beth Walter
This strong colourless alcohol, similar to brandy is usually made from fermented plum juice. It has a very a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages. Initially it was a traditional digestive produced by the Ashkenazi Jews. Since it is made from... more
This traditional Romanian soft drink is made from the flowers of elderberry shrub. It has a specific, herbal sweet and sour taste. It is so popular in Romania that the local branch of the Coca-Cola corporation launched a new variety of Fanta, known... more
This noble wine comes from the largest vineyard in Transylvania, situated between the rivers of Târnava Mare and Târnava Mica. The most important wineries are located in the towns of Jidvei, Blaj, Sighişoara, Cetatea de Baltă, Băgaciu and Bălăuşeri.... more
Ţuică, also called tzuika, it is a traditional Romanian distilled spirit usually made from plums. According to the tradition, a shot of ţuică is served as an aperitif before the meal. It is prepared before Christmas, from October until early... more
Ursus is the best-selling Romanian beer, appreciated for its distinctive flavour and reasonable price in comparison to imported beers. Its origins date back to 1878 when the production of Ursus was launched in the town of Cluj-Napoca. It has a... more
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