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Eating out in Russia
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Popular Russian Drinks

Russian beer (pyvo)
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Russian beer (pyvo), by Impala74
After vodka, beer is the most popular drink in Russia with annual consumption of over 95 litres per person. It ranges from light, through red, to semi-dark and dark, the latter being the strongest. The best known brands of Russian beer include... more
This characteristic drink, extracted from a birch tree, has a distinctive sweet flavour with a slightly bitter herbal aftertaste. In Belarus it is usually drunk as a tonic. It can also be mixed with drinks, such as birch beer. Birch sap is used to... more
This traditional Russian drink may seem a bit strange to foreigners, as it is simply the juice in which sour cabbage is kept. However, it is considered a real speciality and is prepared according to an old recipe. To make sour cabbage, shredded... more
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Chai, by Li Ting
Next to Britain and Japan, Russia is one of the leaders when it comes to tea drinking. The most popular way to serve black tea is with sugar and lemon. Traditionally, tea was kept in big water boiler, called samovar and served in small... more
This drink is believed to be an effective cold remedy, as it helps reduce fever, thirst and cleanse toxins from the body. It is also recommended to people with high blood pressure. Moreover, it raises the level of HDL (good) cholesterol and helps... more
Milk is an important element of the Russian diet and a essential ingredient of many typical dishes, for example Ryazhenka which is cooked sour milk. It is similar to kefir and has a characteristic sour taste and a smooth consistency. more
Kisel (kisiel)
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Kisel (kisiel), by Tomek Augustyn
Kisel is a speciality of many countries in Eastern and Northern Europe. Its main ingredients are either juice or milk, potato starch and various fruit. Sometimes also red wine or fruit liqueur is added to taste. It can be served either cold or hot,... more
Kombucha came to Russia from Korea and Japan, where it has been known for over 2000 years and where its recipe was passed on form one generation to the next. Since it is a source of various vitamins, it is believed to have special medicinal... more
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