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Eating out in Spain
Eating Out
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Spanish Drinks

Spain has a lot to offer to visitors in the way of drinks. The most often consumed drink is, of course, wine. The best wines in Spain come from the Rioja region and are popular locally but also exported outside the country. When it comes to wine, the Spanish, especially the young generation, often drink it as Sangria, red or white wine mixed with cut fruit, or as Calimocho, which is red wine mixed with Coke. Besides wine, beer also has its fans in Spain. The most popular kinds of beer, or cerveza, include Cruzcampo, Mahou and San Miguel. Not everyone knows that the popular Pina Colada also has its origin in Spain. Initially, it was just fresh pinapple juice, and only later served with rum.

This popular Spanish beverage is a combination of different kinds of fruit, grain, sugar and water. All these ingredients are blended together with ice. Its name, aquas frescas translates to 'fresh waters' and indeed it is a very refreshing... more
Spain is one of the leading producers of brandy. Brandy is made from grape fermented juice and served as an after-dinner drink. It is has a characteristic deep colour of caramel. Originally from the region of Jerez, where also Sherry is produced,... more
Few people know that we owe this delicious speciality to the Spanish. Initially, it was served cold, as a mixture of cocoa beans, water, wine, and peppers. The Spaniards were the first to heat the drink and add some sugar to make it sweeter. That's... more
Kalimoxo comes from the Basque Country, but now is available everywhere in Spain. It is a mixture of red wine and Coca-Cola, which makes it extremely popular especially among the young. This Spanish equivalent of internationally known cocktail -... more
Cava is a Spanish equivalent of the French champagne. Its origins date back to 1872, when it was produced for the first time by José Raventos, who gave it the name of Codorniu in honour of his ancestors. In 1914, another family established their own... more
Although Spain is above all famous for its wonderful wines, Spanish beer, called cerveza, enjoys a very good reputation as well. The most popular brands include: Cruzcampo, Mahou and San Miguel. Instead of ordinary beer, the Spanish prefer... more
This is a Spanish name for any fermented beverage, which can be made either form maize, manioc root or fruit. It comes from an Indian word chichab, meaning 'maize'. The Incas used such drinks in their magical rituals and often drank it during... more
This semi-frozen drink is a Spanish version of Italian granita. It is made from fruit juice and water with some sugar added. It appears in many different flavours, depending on the choice of fruit. Lemon and orange however, are the most... more
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