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UK (England)
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English Drinks

The most popular drink in England is undoubtedly tea, and you can't leave the British Isles without experiencing the genuine five o'clock. Most of the traditional English drinks however are alcoholic; starting with apple cider, which contains only a little bit of alcohol, to all the kinds of beer produced in the country. The most famous English beers are ale, cask ale (unfiltered and unpasteurised) and stout or porter beer. A visit to a pub and a pint of beer is an absolute must when visiting England. If you'd rather drink something stronger, you can order a glass of grog, a beer cocktail such as Black Velvet or Freddie Batholomew, or a glass of Cup, a traditional British punch.

Ale is a traditional beer brewed from barley malt and a quickly-fermenting brewers yeast. The British variant of this drink has a sweet, full, fruity and even butter-like taste. Some popular versions of British ale, contain herbs and spices, which... more
Cider is one of the most popular beverage in the United Kingdom of low alcoholic content. Traditionally made out of the fermented apples or pear, the British cider appears in many different variations, from sweet to dry, from very fizzy to still.... more
Black Velvet, sometimes called the Bismarck or the Velvet Hammer, is a kind of a beer cocktail made out of stout beer and white, sparkling wine. In more economic version you can also use Cider instead of expensive wine or champagne. Black Velvet has... more
A type of unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, which is traditionally served from a cask. Cask Ale is one of the few British alcoholic beverages that is brewed solely from natural ingredients, without the help of extra carbon dioxide. The beer is... more
Surprisingly, hot chocolate drink as we know it today, was introduced first in the UK around the 15th century as mixture of ground cocoa beans, cool water and spices, such as cayenne pepper, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. This chocolate drink was not... more
Popular British beer cocktail made from ginger ale and sweetened lime juice. It owes its name to Freddie Bartholomew, who was a British child actor popular in the 1930s. Bartholomew is consumed most frequently in the summer, as a great refreshing... more
This low alcoholic beverage is dominated by the intense flavour of ginger root. Introduced in England in the mid-18th century, this delicious beer was a renowned delicatessen already by the early 1900s. Apart form ginger, this typically British... more
This drink made with water and rum was introduced into the Royal Navy by the British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon in 1740. After the British conquest of Jamaica, rum became a very popular alcohol among the Brits, mostly among the sailors. To prevent... more
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