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Podpiwek is unique to Poland. This characteristic beverage is originally made from water, sugar, roasted grain, malted barley, yeast and dried hop. It is produced in a very similar way to beer, it has a strong caramel colour and aroma. Its name can be translated into English as 'sub-beer' and indeed podpiwek has vary little alcohol. Its distinctive bitter-sweet taste resembles the Ukrainian kvass. It can be easily prepared at home, but ready-made, bottled podpiwek is also available in food shops and supermarkets.
Recipe: Podpiwek
5 g of yeast
10 l of water
some raisins
0.5 kg of sugar
1 tablespoon of malt barley
citric acid
1 tablespoon of dried hop
Boil the water in a large pot. Add yeast, barley, hop and citric acid. Stir well and let it sit for at least three hours. Then strain it through a cloth into a bottle, drop raisins and cork it well. Keep in a cool place for at least two days.
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