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Kirsch, Pflümli, Williams
Kirsch, or Kirschwasser, is a German and Swiss version of brandy. Since the 16th century it has been made from Black cherry juice undergoing the process of double distillation. However, it doesn't have any colour, as it is not aged in wood. The original Kirsch is produced from the sour morello cherry grown in the German Schwatrzwald region. Unlike cherry liqueurs, Kirsch is not sweet. It has a specific bitter taste with subtle cherry flavour. Its name, meaning 'cherry water', derives from Latin word ceresia and old German wasser. Usually, it is served in a very small glass as an apéritif, but it is also the main ingredient of many popular drinks such as Black Forest, Lady Finger or Florida Cocktail. It is also used to make a traditional German desert called Schwarzwälder Kirschtort. It is also an ingredient of many chocolate products with the most popular Lindt and Camille Bloch Kirsch-filled pralines and truffles. Other similar fruit brandies popular in Switzerland are Pflümli (from plums) and Williams (from pears).
Recipe: German Coffee Cocktail
1 oz of Kirsch
6 oz of coffee
2 teaspoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of heavy cream
Pour Kirsch into coffee. Add sugar and put some whipped cream on top. Serve chilled.