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Brussels Gueuze Museum
The Brussels Gueuze Museum showcases an old family-run brewery, where visitors can sample typical beers and view 19th- and early 20th-century brewing equipment. This museum offers detailed information on how to make gueuze beer according to traditional methods, which borrows methods of champagne production and blends different lambic beers.
The museum is also an operating brewery from October until March. Visitors are taken through various rooms following all the production stages of beer, including the grain loft; boiling vats; the cooling bed, where the beer slowly ferments; the cask room; and the stage when the ale is ready. The gueuze beer, made by the Cantillon Brewery, is the last remnant of a Brussels specialty from the Middle Ages.
Name: Brussels Gueuze Museum
Address: Rue Gheude 56
Phone: +32 2 521 49 28
Price: 4EUR
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