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The Committee of the Regions
History of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) started in 1994 when it was established to represent regions of European Union. The Committee forms an advisory institution incorporating local authorities’ representatives from all Europe. It consults EU decisions concerning regional policy, local economy, as well as education and transportation in regions.
The Committee includes 344 members which are elected among representatives of all EU’s countries, proportionally to the size of population. In many cases, they are mayors of cities or regional governments’ leaders who receive a mandate from the local authorities and are responsible to them. The Committee of the Regions is headed by a President, elected for two years from the group of Committee’s members.

The main capacity of the Committee is to influence decisions of EU according to the regional interests and policy. EU legislative organs are obliged to consult the CoR about any problems connected directly with local topics; however, they can take advice of the Committee in any other questions, too. The Committee of the Regions can also present its opinions if they wish to the EU institutions.

The Committee organises five sessions annually to define its policy’s priorities. Six special commissions deal with various aspects of the local policy.
Name: The Committee of the Regions
Address: Rue Belliard 99-101
Phone: +32 2 282 22 11
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