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Guide to Avignon
Avignon is a small city located in Southern France on the route from Lyon to seaside. The climate of the town is Mediterranean, temperate and sometimes windy with nearly 300 days of sun a year. The city is usually associated with Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), which happened to be the residence of the Popes for most of the 14th Century. Avignon is thought to be quite an old site as it was where a Celtic hill fort had been erected. The ancient name of Avignon is written 'Avennio' or 'Avenio', taken from the ancient inscriptions from probably the first settlers there, a Gallic tribe. Avignon has a long history from the barbarians till the 21st Century and there are several museums in town, where you can rediscover it.
Avignon is a typical Southern city. Any visitor is charmed by the small streets winding about the place and bringing you to random cafés and secret passageways. The small stone streets will seduce its visitors revealing to them the city’s secrets. Avignon has many attractions to visit such as the Notre Dame des Doms, a cathedral built in the 12th Century in the spirit of Romanesque architecture. There are also various small churches about the town such as St Pierre, St Didier and St Agricol, all three being of Gothic architecture. If you are into cultural events, Avignon hosts a famous theatre festival every year, which consists of various art performances in the realms of dance, music and cinema. And since you are in the region why not hope on over and taste the famous Côtes du Rhônes wines. You can find many places to visit for wine tourism such as Château Pesquié or Domaine de Beaurenard. You also have the chance to take a cruise through the Rhône River in a large or small boat either to Lyon or Arles, a town nearby. It is recommendable to visit the town during summer as it is livelier despite it being the high peak of tourism. You can make a nice stop in Avignon on your way to the seaside.
Name: Avignon
Website: http://www.ot-avignon.fr/