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Parc Guinardo
The district Horta-Guinardo in Barcelona possesses the advantage of having in its area one of the most peaceful green spaces in the city, namely Guinardo Park. Covering an area of more than 15 hectares on a slope of the hill Turo de la Rovira it has a lot of wonderful greenery to offer as well as some historical background. The very name of Guinardo Park is perplexing- it might come from the ancient Catalan word for fox guinarda or from the name of a famous thief (Perot Rocaguinarda) who once possessed a property near the park and where Cervantes once resided.
Guinardo Park was private property until the beginning of the 20th Century and thanks to the zoning laws that turned the area into a public green zone in 1918 Barcelona citizens enjoyed a new park amenity. The park was laid out according to project of the designers Forestier and Rubió i Tudurí. A large area like that of Guinardo Park leaves a lot of room for different architectural ideas and can bring a lot of joy to the beholder if planned variously. When visiting this green facility one cannot accuse the creators of a lack of diversity – not only does the park have three different designing levels, but also each level offers a variety of interesting spots. The lowest parts of the slope are planned (in 1977 when the Guinardo Park was remodelled) as a city park – with benches, terraces, shrubs, trees and flowery and grassy lawns. On the square Nen de la Rutlla where the main entrance of the park is located there is a statue of a boy playing with a hoop and a stick and a wonderful ornamental garden that surrounds it.

On the second level there is the historic garden, which was actually designed by Forestier with the assistance of Rubio i Tuduri. The entrance to the historic garden is found at the spring Font del Cuento and follows its stream. The historic garden consists of terraces connected with flights of steps, lined by magnificent large oleander, laurel shrubs, cedars, holm oaks, mimosas, cypresses and even aromatic herbs such as lavender and rosemary, all of them very well taken care of. The third part of the Guinardo park is a steep wooded section, where a leisurely atmosphere is omnipresent, making it an ideal place to walk, play games or ride a bicycle. Moreover, the park offers great views of Barcelona, as well as children’s playgrounds and a bar where one can have a rest while sipping a cup of coffee.
Name: Parc Guinardo
Address: Garriga i Roca 1-13
Phone: +34 93 413 24 00
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