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London Dungeon
London Dungeon is more than just a very unconventional museum, it is a thrilling reproduction of what life in Medieval and Renaissance England could have been like. Sitting beneath the London Bridge in a dark basement, the London Dungeon is a kind of a theme park/haunted house for adults. An expert combination of ghastly sound effects, spectacular lighting and live actors creates an indelible impression. The multitude of rooms and chambers hold exhibitions and interactive activities exploring various torture and execution devices, as well as tragic historic events.
Visitors to the London Dungeon will enter a room in which they will be convicted of a crime and then a number of torture devices will be demonstrated on them. In the world’s largest mirror maze, the Labyrinth of the Lost, they will be lost amidst reflections of themselves looking at them from every corner, with actors in costumes from the period jumping out from behind the mirrors. Another room reproduces the reality of the 1665 Great Plague of London, when thousands were dying of the bubonic plague in the streets. Horrible smells, cries of panic, pain and callings to ‘bring out the dead’ are ever-present. Actors portraying body collectors wander through the exhibit, piling up decaying bodies. An adjacent treatment room explains the ways in which doctors tried to cure the victims of the plague.
Name: London Dungeon
Address: 28-34 Tooley Street
Phone: +44 20 7403 7221
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